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LFCS LFS201/211 to retake again.


Dear Instructors!
I tried to retake the Exam as it was Scheduled for today; unfortunately, too many technical problems happened.
When I was almost ready to start the Exam, the Con Edison power line were shutdown outside on Streets.
Then, I got incompatibility browser and application settings resolution between my system with your application when I use other application window for example, the Chat Window, it goes lock,

The system, I have installed CentOS-7.9 guest on Oracle Virtual host by Windows 10, which has display 1920 x 1080, the Virtual Box as well CentOS main application are settings with 1600 x 1200. Until today, these settings has been the only ones which still working.
And the when I open the browsers Firefox or Chrome their adjust automatically their windows inside the CentOS application a little less, if I expand the browser the other applications not work, causing them to lock, include the Command Line Interface, most need.
Also, the dnf tool command is the one what works, and not yum.

My Monitor live Help without knowledge of such technical asked me, if the CentOS is a base Linux System? Asked to expand the Browser windows, asked to use the Windows Task Manager? Asked me to asked someone to help? For what, I asked him?

After, many problems came out, it crashed and locked the system with Memory error ... etc , then Internal Sever Error....
So, I fixed all them and backed to the Exam page, but was late.

Please, I need you to reschedule the Exam.
Thank You!


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