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Task Prerequisite "Application Process" for Linux kernel Bug Fixing Summer 2021


I'm attempting to apply for the Linux kernel Bug Fixing Summer 2021 mentorship, however there is a prerequisite task titled "Application Process" which I have to complete first:

I'm wondering what the proper procedure is to complete this task after joining the forum, subscribed to the mailing list and joined IRC.

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  • svarq
    svarq Posts: 3
    edited April 2021

    Update: user atul-g mentioned on the linux_kernel_mentees IRC channel:

    For "Application process", you can upload a short text file/pdf saying that you joined the mail list with xyz@email id, the IRC with xyz-username and the forum.

    Edit: It appears that only .doc, .docx or .pdf extensions are allowed for submission.

  • ShuahKhanLF
    ShuahKhanLF Posts: 148

    You can upload .txt as well.


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