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Exam LFCS yum | dnf | score 36hrs


Dear Instructors!

I like to inform about the Exam LFCS (LFS201/211) that was setup for April 09/2021 at 8AM was impossible to do due the Technical Problems about the yum/dnf tools.

My system CentOS-7 is configured with dnf tool, and not yum. The dnf do all types installation need by the system CentOS-7 to function well, while the yum tool, simply does not working, which is blocking by PowerTools repository. Then I optioned to use dnf, such tool works perfectly ignoring PowerTools repository.

So, when I tried to run the Exam question last April 09/2021, using your yum Remote Exam Application, Container, the yum tool did not work; therefore, I tried to use dnf tool to do the Exam; unfortunately, it did not function too.

Consequently, I just ran the questions to end the Exam to ask one more chance to take Free Retake until such problems can be resolving,.



  • Helio
    Helio Posts: 27

    Thank you for fast answered. I just rescheduled the Exam LFCS. So, I am hoping that I will be able to use dnf tool because yum is not working on my system CentOS-7.
    Thanks a lot.


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