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lab 3.4 step 15 - error when trying to 'replace -f first.yaml'


Not sure what is happening here. VI the file, made the edits for the listening port and when running 'kubectl replace -f first.yaml' I get a storage error. Please see the attached screenshots. Preliminary web searches yielded bug references, but not sure if this is my problem. Any help is appreciated thanks.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,199
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    Hi @jcremp77,

    If you look closely at the error, you may notice that there seems to be an issue with the object's UID. More precisely, there is a UID conflict during the kubectl replace process. This conflict is caused by a new UID being created during replace and the old UID of the nginx deployment found in the first.yaml manifest - stored when the manifest was created in step 5.

    This conflict is the result of a missed step in step 5, which asks for certain lines to be deleted. Please revisit step 5, edit the manifest and remove the lines as instructed.


  • jcremp77
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    Hi Chris- Yes I did...thank you for taking the time to explain this!


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