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Not able to find Aarna ONAP lab VM image


Hi there,
I repeated the following steps but not able to find the aarna VM image, I appreciate if you could guide me...

Firefox browser
Your own Google Cloud Platform account
Access to the Aarna ONAP lab VM image.
In order to get access to the image you will need for labs, use this Google Form to provide us your email address linked to your Google Cloud account. You should get access to the image within 24 hours; if not, please send an email with your information to training@linuxfoundation.org. The access will be available for 12 months.


  • SriramRupanagunta

    Hi, you were given access to the images already. Please make sure you login to your Google account with the same id as you provided for access (hdonertasli@gmail.com) to be able to use the image.

    Also, please ensure you have sufficient permissions to create the necessary cloud resources (mentioned in the lab document) required to complete the lab.

    Please let us know if you still find any issue, or you would like the access on a different account.


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