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Not able to instantiate "mychannel"


With hopes that i am right here i need some support for solving a problem regarding the hyperledger course.
Currently i am not able to instantiate the mychannel in the Lab 4.1

**When i enter following command as mentioned in the documentary:
**peer chaincode instantiate -n simple_cc -v 1.0 -C mychannel -c'
' -o orderer.example.com:7050

**i get the following response:
**Error: could not assemble transaction, err proposal response was not successful, error code 500, msg error starting container: error starting container: Failed to generate platform-specific docker build: Error returned from build: 2 "# github.com/simple_chaincode
chaincode/input/src/github.com/simple_chaincode/simple_chaincode.go:48:91: syntax error: unexpected newline, expecting comma or )
chaincode/input/src/github.com/simple_chaincode/simple_chaincode.go:57:46: syntax error: unexpected ) at end of statement
So i am stucked and not able to follow the next steps for solving this course.
If this is not the right place for asking, maybe you can redirect my question?
Best regards



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