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LFS261 - Devops SRE => mandatory for CKA exam?

Hi there!

Time is running out too fast, and I have to prioritize my studying slots...
I was wondering if LFS261 SRE DEVOPS was mandatory to study for the CKA exam? I prefer focus on that even if LFS261 sounds great, but once agin i prefer to peacfully study LFS261 once I pass CKA (I wish :))



  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,903

    LFS261 is not a prep course for CKA, it's just part of the boot camp. LFS258 is the CKA exam prep course. Good luck with the exam.

  • Thx @fcioanca !
    Tha's useful, I will prioritize CKA then!

  • timothyaw
    timothyaw Posts: 15

    I've taken the CKA. I decided to wait until afterward taking the exam. I'm doing the DevOps course now. It's definitely the best way IMO


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