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Creating learning environment for LFS261

I have an environment already up from LS258 (Kubernetes) that's on my own KVM. It has 3 servers (master node and two worker nodes). From my understanding I need a vm that has docker, jenkins and spinnaker correct? All three have docker already installed. I was thinking of using one of the worker nodes for this lesson, as it'll already be a part of a kubernetes cluster. Would this work or be reasonable for this course?


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,128

    Hi @timothyaw ,

    I don't see any issue for working with that node. Just be sure you have enough memory for the labs, as some of them instructs to build artifacts, and that mean an intensive CPU/memory job. So take a look to Chapter 1 Course Audience and Requirements / Hardware/Software Requirements to be sure you'll be OK.


  • timothyaw
    timothyaw Posts: 15

    Thank you for your reply.

  • gouravshah
    gouravshah Posts: 139

    @timothyaw as @luisviveropena mentioned, you could use one of the nodes which already has docker running. Do note that, you would be running Jenkins infra outside of Kubernetes infrastructure and directly with docker, despite the node being part of Kubernetes infrastructure.

  • timothyaw
    timothyaw Posts: 15

    Thank you for clarifying.


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