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Initial setup: install curl do not assume its there


LFD259:2021-01-26 s_02/k8sMaster.sh and minion.sh and k8sSecond.sh

There should be a block that installs curl because some installations might not have it. Happened to me (vm created by cockpit on fedora). Guest os was ubuntu 18 like told in the course.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,208

    Hi @m2rt,

    Depending on the source of the Ubuntu image, curl may or may not be part of it. The cloud images from Google and AWS include curl.

    Luckily, the installation step can be added easily when needed.


  • m2rt
    m2rt Posts: 2

    Yeah its easy to manually install curl too. Just took a whole minute to realize what was the issue due to lots of logs. Maybe the next person falling to that has more issues.

    Why not allow course participants to modify course content? Or well, recommend modifications directly "pull request" style. Would help with the quality a lot I think.


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