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I need some help to explain the difference between Linux and IBM's operating systems.



Can someone help me come up with logical and reasonable reasons why C programs developed and written for the IBM environment can not be ported directly to the Linux environment.

In the IBM world there a C like compiler called Metal C, it permits C code to be intermixed with HLASM (assembly language) and compiled as one module.

The problem is that there is a very sophisticated module written in HLASM that needs to be ported to the Linux environment without changing the module, just take the resultant z/os executable and make it work in the linux world, its just machine instructions, right?

I have suggested that they contract with 3rd party to convert the HLASM program to C or even Python and use it, but management insists that the machine instructions generated in the IBM environment will work in the Linux environment.

Some one please HELP!!!!




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