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ingress > Deploying the ingress controller, not able to find backend.yaml in github


Hi There,

while i am trying to understand "Deploying the ingress controller" within the Ingress topic, i am not able to locate the backend.yaml (as mentioned below) deployment with the Github URL mentioned as the hyperlink within the course.

while to tried to use the "deploy.yaml" from the bare metal section of git repo, the outcome (See below) does not look similar to the one mentioned in the course.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,165

    Hi @Mohit Kumar Goyal,

    The GitHub reference is to a more complex application deployment, however, the "backend" name used here assumes a "backend" Controller, managing a "backend" Pod, exposed by a "backend" Service.
    Also, in time, third party resources may change in implementation and behavior, resulting in slight inconsistencies in the text. For the latest specs on the nginx Ingress controller I'd recommend visiting its official documentation.


  • Mohit Kumar Goyal

    Hi @chrispokorni,

    Thanks for your response, now that you mentioned I can relate that there would be some deployment named "Backend" however it really is very confusing for me. I am a novice in this area and trying to make sense of the lesson which is has been taught and unfortunately lose track to confusion when what is shown in the lesson is different from the reality.

    I would prefer to stick with the lesson rather and get clarity to join all the dots of my understanding and then dive into specific documentation.

    just to give an example, the text in the lesson says "You will notice a default HTTP backend which serves 404 pages." however the deployment which I did does not have any SVC or RC with HTTP... It all confusing !!

  • Mohit Kumar Goyal

    I have eventually skipped this section and moved on... it is too confusing for me.


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