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Windows XP PC 12 years old using dialup connection with Netzero

Hi all!

I'm a Windows XP SP 3 user with a dialup connection struggling for many years now with a slow computer. Im reluctant to buy a new computer & want to try Linux as an alternative in the hopes I could speed along like the old days. I have some old Ubuntu CDs somewhere & Im wanting to know how to begin the process. If i locate the old Ubuntu CDs can I try Linux without installing it just to see how it works? In other words, where do i begin ? Thanks

hp pavilion a535w from 2003


  • The trouble with "old" Ubuntu disks is that they can go out of date.

    Every two years there is an LTS (Long Term Support) issue which is supported longer than usual. 12.40 will be supported until April 2017. Have a look at the table on Wikipedia in the "Releases" section - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)

    There used to be two types of disk a LiveCD and the Alternative (the latter was just an install). You can try, without installing, from the CD-Rom, if you have the LiveCD. Just make sure the Boot Order/BIOS will boot from the CDRom first and not the Hard Drive.

    It might be unwise to go online with a really old and not updated disk.

    One of the main determining factors is "How much RAM have you got?". How much does your computer have?
  • sallanblock
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    One of the main determining factors is "How much RAM have you got?". How much does your computer have?
    Checking system information it says 220GHz 1.43 GB of RAM
    How much RAM do I need?
  • Again from the Wikipedia article:

    "The system requirements vary among Ubuntu products. For the Ubuntu desktop release 14.04, a PC with at least 768 MB of RAM and 5 GB of disk space is recommended. For less powerful computers, there are other Ubuntu distributions such as Lubuntu and Xubuntu. "

  • Then for this computer with only 1.43 GB of RAM I would require Lubuntu and or Xubuntu?
    Is there a download link you can give me for that? I can make a CD from a friend's high speed computer. Can I have the CDs mailed to me, if so how much will it cost?
  • 768 Mb is about half of 1.43 Gb....

    Lubuntu or Xubuntu are lighter and should be quicker.

    Ubuntu used to post disks to people for free(!) but they stopped a while ago.

    You might be able to buy a disk from a local provider. Check ebay.

    Quite often disks are attached to magazines as freebies.
  • "768 Mb is about half of 1.43 Gb...."
    i dont understand. So what is your point here please?

    Do you have the link for Lubuntu and or Xubuntu so that I could downlaod from a friend's high speed computer?
    Thank you
  • "768 Mb is about half of 1.43 Gb...." You need 768Mb to run Ubuntu. If you have 1.43 Gb you have enough (twice) to run Ubuntu.


  • If I have enough RAM to run Ubuntu then I dont need to run Lubuntu or Xubuntu, correct?

    Can I have the link for the download for Ubuntu? I think you said 12.40 is the one ?

    Thank you
  • "LTS http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop"
    Can I download Ubuntu from the above link to a CD from a friend's computer and run it on my computer?
    Thank you
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    Just make sure about 32 bit/64 bit.
  • The CDs I have are 700MB/80 min 52x. Isnt the download 768 MB? Doesnt that mean I cant copy it all?
    Thank you
  • My recollection is that Ubuntu is a DVD now.

    Can you put it on a USB stick with something like unetbootin?


  • sallanblock
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    Im not sure how to do that on a USB but I'LL have to learn.
    Another question please.
    Do I change the BIOS to boot from CDRom for all Linux or just the LiveCD?
    Thank you
    Are you there please Im no longer getting any replies from you


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