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hi folks, I got these warning and was wondering if I can ignore them:

FAIL: only 27 GiB free in /home/jlai (need at least 30 GiB) Set BUILDHOME=/path/to/disk to override $HOME
WARN: Linux distribution is Ubuntu:amd64-18.04 (bionic)
FAIL: The distribution must be: Ubuntu-16.04

For disk size, I've just added volume to 50GB and rerun the check but it still didn't find the extra size. should i be worried?

For Ubuntu version, i would think the later version would suffice?

I am currently using the AWS instance.


  • ChristianLacsina964

    A later version will suffice, yes. This course has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 by other students.

    For disk size, make sure your VM instance is aware of the extra space. You may need to extend your filesystem in the running instance or recreate the instance with a larger volume.

  • joshl
    joshl Posts: 37

    great, thank you.


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