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test taking strategy and confidence

I have taken the exam once already about a month ago and failed by a pretty big margin. I had gone through the course several times taking my time with it, taken lots of notes and practiced the labs countless times to the point where I could complete them fairly quickly. I had confidence going into the exam. Then in the exam there were requirements I found myself second guessing and having to reference documentation a lot more than I thought I would need to. How could I go from taking this course several times, doing the labs and having confidence to crashing and burning in the exam? Where do I go from here? Im not entirely sure going through the course again and doing the course labs many more times will bridge the gap. I did that already and it didn't work. A bigger question is trying to determine how much more time I need to invest to make a second exam attempt. Im considering not using it at all and just walking away with what I have learned already from the course.

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