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RHEL/Centos Case insensitive


Is it possible to make a RHEL or Centos 8 stream file system case insensitive so windows files can be migrated to linux


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    no. There has been a patch to do this under discussion in the kernel community but I would say the odds of it being accepted are vanishingly small; it ignites a holy war as Unix-traditionalists consider this blasphemy. It is insanely complicated, affects all file systems in different ways, and would cause all kinds of problems.

    At the application level, there are many applications that have such case-insensitivity built in and they would make you happy. The majority of folks feel that is the level it should be at if anywhere. (like searching for files -- you can use locate -iorfind -iname for example, and many GUIs are case-insensitive.) But system-wide at a low level, I'd be shocked if it happens in my lifetime.


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