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lfs272-assets.tgz is missing!

Right now I'm on Lab 2 but still can't find lfs272-assets.tgz, it says it should be in the Resources section but all I can find is just a PDF of all labs. can somebody help me out on this?


  • coop
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    Username and password are in the first chapter of your course. (it requires a username and password which we cannot put in a public forum)

  • Bobbijn
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    Hello, you can find the resource you need by navigating to the ___Course Resources___ in the INTRODUCTION section of the course . Navigate to the Linux Foundation Training page and select the training recourses link, you will then be prompted to fill in the user name and password listed on the Course Resource page .

    Course Information
    Course Introduction
    Course Learning Objectives
    Meet Your Instructor: Ricardo Olivieri
    Course Audience and Requirements
    Course Resources

    Hope this helps.


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