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Little autoresponder ignoring my messages


I can't submit task08 anymore. Tried 3 times in last 8 hours.


  • nkyx
    nkyx Posts: 5
    edited February 2021

    It's ok. I got the message from Little with explanation how autoresponder works. It's a little bit misleading, though.
    In introductory message from Little was mentioned

    When you submit a task, you will receive an autoresponse saying where
    you are in the queue. If you do not receive this autoresponse, I have
    not received your task, something went wrong, and it needs to be resent.

    But now the rules are

    You only get 1 auto-response at a time. A "time" is a day or so, until
    the queue is flushed out to prevent the autoresponder from being used as
    a spam-bot.


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