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Hello Forum,
I participate in the Linux Basics and Networking Basics Office Hours and I find that the live screen time to ask specific questions, saves me days of research and fumbling around. Additionally, I am exposed to new ideas or related concepts I would not otherwise have. My problem lies with the lack of a mentor situation or project-based program with which I can interact. I believe that having a real-life coach to refer to with big-picture concepts would be invaluable as I go through the Cloud Boot Camp. After LFCS (coming up), I will go through the CKA and CKS Exams. 
Does anyone in the forum know of any programs, or even tutors, with whom I could connect? I understand that the Foundation has an associated Mentorship program, but I believe that it is at a higher level of Open Source Development .
Thank you, James.


  • KevinCSmallwood

    Starting this month (March 2021), there is a new email alias, bootcampmentor@linuxfoundation.org, to put you in touch with a mentor (me) for the Cloud Engineer Boot Camp and Advanced Cloud Engineer Boot Camp. Think of this mentor as a guidance counselor. Technical questions regarding the various courses are for the office hours. Not certain this directly addresses your concerns for "big-picture concepts" or not. You would need to better define what you are seeking, but if I can help, I will. If you are having difficulty in making progress with the program, I have suggestions that may help. if you are struggling with the idea of taking exams (LFCS, for example), I may be able to help. If you are wondering about career opportunities, I may be able to help. I will give it my best. Thanks!

  • jamesclementcook3

    Thanks Kevin--I will do!


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