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Problem with hdmi to TV


I have set up an older laptop with Mint ( I am a new user and getting to like it as I get more familiar with the OS ).

I have a problem however in that when I connect to my TV via HDMI, the video is slightly compressed "in" from the top to the bottom on the TV... where it is perfect on the computer screen... As an example, when viewing a circular object on the computer screen, it is perfectly round. When viewed on the TV, it is slightly oval ( stretched horizontally ).

The is also a very slight but annoying frame rate jutter.

When the same video is viewed using Windows 7, ( The laptop is set up with dual boot )... everything on the TV is seen exactly as the computer as well as no frame rate jutter... ruling out a hardware or compatibility issue with the TV.

Is there an HDMI output setting in Mint that can correct the problem I have described.

Thanks in advance.


  • goradar

    I solved the frame rate problem with xrandr but still the the slight stretch problem. Everything else was working fine throughout the day and then the OS started to slow way down. It was as if it was fractured in different areas and the more I fooled with it the worse it got so I scrapped it for a fresh re-install.

    Everything now is working very smooth again except that now when I connect the hdmi to the tv... only the Mint desktop is visible on the tv while the movie continues to play perfectly on the laptop screen. In addition... the cursor is visible on the tv screen but completely disappears on the laptop screen. Once I disconnect the hdmi from the laptop, I regain complete control of the OS again. When I go into the monitor settings to access the mirror for a second monitor it stays grayed out and non functional.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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