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Complete non-challenge tasks by this Friday Feb 12 2021

Candidates applying to 3 kernel projects, please complete your non-challenge tasks by this Friday Feb 12 2021. These include - uploading resume, cover letter, Application process and LFD 103 class. Good luck with all that started the challenge. Continue to make progress on the challenge. I would recommend completing the task beyond the minimum limits. This challenge will hep you acquire skills necessary to be Linux kernel developer.


  • asha15asha15 Posts: 4

    @ShuahKhanLF I was uploaded the LFD103 certificate for the Application process. Now i want to submit a text document saying what i did for that task. Also i need to resubmit my modified resume. I would like to kindly know Is that okay if i resubmit the documents again?

  • Yes please do.

  • asha15asha15 Posts: 4

    Thank you!

  • carlosrfscarlosrfs Posts: 2
    edited February 20

    Maybe i asking in the wrong place but, I made my profile today, still have time to participate or i need to wait for the next time?

  • Very late for Spring session, however plenty of time for Summer session. Good luck

  • Ok, i will wait for the summer. Thanks for answer me.

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