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Hi I'm Julia. I'm a human first of all and I am not new-new to Linux since its been over half a decade of using Linux/Debian distros of all kinds. I enjoy ops/sysadmin but I suck at it. I have most of my knowledge in this area from figuring out how to pwn different images and services running on ports and being successful enough to pop a shell, explore and find the flags in CTFs, labs and vms. Not great at that either but working on it. So I'm new to K8 too knowledge-wise, never found a reason to use it. I have reasons now due to a job.

This course is already making me understand things in a more wholesome respect rather than "I know this from doing this one project 2 years ago and I did one thing of that for a week and that's all I know about it but I do know it" kind of confusing knowledge. I appreciate this course and really respect the performance based exam aspect.

Nice to meet any of you. :)


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