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ONAP Fundamentals Training (LFS263): Lab Exercise 4.5 - Cannot execute commands to download files


I'm following the instructions on downloading the vfw_sincs.zip and vfw_pg.zip from the master node to the jump host. The commands are:

scp [email protected]:/home/aarna/onap-custom/util-scripts/vnf-data/vfw_sinc/vfw_sinc.zip .
scp [email protected]:/home/aarna/onap-custom/util-scripts/vnf-data/vfw_pg/vfw_pg.zip .
mv *.zip /home/aarna

When I ran the first command, either on the master node or the jump host (after exiting out of the master node), it kept saying:

ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host

Not sure what I could have missed. Thanks for your assistance!


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