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LAB 14.2 OpenVPN problems


Hello again :)

I'm struggling this time with lab 14.2 and openvpn configuration

I followed all the steps in the lab exercise, however I can't run openvpn with

systemctl start openvpn@main

System returns error: Failed to start openvpn@main.service: Unit openvpn@main.service not found.
I've managed to run openvpn with

sudo openvpn main.conf and sudo openvpn secondary.conf respectively

After running like this, I can ping and from both machines
Firewall port 1194/udp on main is open and telnet server is running on secondary.example.com

When I login to secondary via

I can still capture all the traffic via wireshark on main (tun0) in plain text (?!)

How is this possible ? What am I doing wrong ?

I would also like to know why I can't start openvpn with systemctl as suggested in the lab...

Thanks a lot for your time !


  • k0dard
    k0dard Posts: 115

    OK, I've realized that I'm probably listening to local traffic (on tun0) before it's being encrypted and that I should listen on private network interface ?


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