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Hi @everyone,
Nice to meet you all and it is Khun. I am excited to be here.


  • Hi @khunteebwar , welcome to the forum!


  • Hello @everyone, I'm Arsene, I'm happy to be here with you all!

  • Hi @khunteebwar and @arsene , welcome to the forum!

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  • Hi! Welcome to the forum as well :)

  • arina01
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    Hello everyone - I am an ops engineer and started working with Red Hat a year ago. Jumped to the training opportunity in February and started studying now. Still doing a lot of Windows administration (that I started in the last millenium) and Powershell scripting.

  • Hi @arina01 , welcome! I'm here to assist in case you have questions about the course material and labs :)


  • dasher
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    Hello @everyone, I have been working with one or another form of Linux for over fifteen years but only a little at a time. Never really solidifying myself with good skills. Hoping to change that here.

  • erparom
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    edited July 2021

    Hello World ( @everyone ) My name is Enrique Pascalin, form Mexico. Using Linux since mid 90s. I liked it so much, that now I'm devoted to two things: To Linux Evangelization and to Open Source / Software Libre. You can reach me via
    enrique.pascalin at fsf.org.mx

    For spanish speaking users, feel free to join us in Linux Español Where we can provide answers, suggestions and you can look at our podcast.

    I want to thank Dan Brown for all his very kind help and support.

  • Welcome @erparom !


  • jean1199
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    Hi everyone! I am very excited to return to the light side of the force, currently I am a Project Manager at BBVA but wiling to return to the good ways.
    Greetings from México!

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    Welcome here! I'm here to assist :)

    Greetings from Perú!


  • Hi All. Greetings from Brazil !

  • Hi @camargo.advanced , ben-vindo ao fórum!


  • Chapter 3 Quiz on Processes seems to have an error on question 3.2. You can never get it right: if you try a) it corrects it to b) and vice versa... Thus you can never get 100% score.

  • coop
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    the KC says: "Select all answers that apply."

    Both a and b are correct so things are fine.

  • @coop said:
    the KC says: "Select all answers that apply."

    Both a and b are correct so things are fine.

    Excellent ! That worked. Thanks a lot !

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Muhammad. I am totally a business person, now venturing into the IT side of things, I have worked as a business consultant for the last 5 years. I totally a newbie to Linux, it seems a lil intimidating but hoping to get it as I go along

  • Hi Muhammad, welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask for help if you need it :)


  • Greetings everyone!

    I worked over the last decade at multiple IT Support position... from networks, to servers, to platform. I'm keen on moving on to more demanding challenges and happy to be here.

    I'm not a super social butterfly and usually keep to myself, but since Linux is strong on the whole community thing, I also decided to give it a chance by starting here.

  • Hi @tomlutkus , welcome to the forum! It's nice yo have you here :)

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