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Introduction and a small issue


Hi all !! am Jaskeerat Singh , a 3rd year undergraduate
I have coding experience with C , C++ , Java and Python
Am currently learning MERN Stack Development and have plans to get into the world of DevOps , with Linux being the current favourite thing am learning
I have a decent experience of many hackathons and projects with exclusive use of Open Source too
Regarding , Linux Kernel , I was very much excited to know about Linux Kernel Mentorship and thus registered for it , on which I got the link to the best course that I have been searching for soo long to learn about Linux Kernel
But there's one small thing I need to confirm first i.e in the course it's written that it requires a x86_64 laptop
and I have a x64_64 Windows based machine
Will that be a hinderance in completing my desired learning ?
Please somebody help me regarding this


  • ShuahKhanLF

    You have couple of options 1. Make your system dual boot Windows and Linux. 2. Run Linux in a vm on your Windows laptop. This is sufficient for taking this class. If you want to continue to learn to become a Linux kernel developer, it is important to have a system you can dedicate for kernel work. You can start with option 2.

  • jassi10000

    Thank you mam for answering my queries and providing a solution , I will definitely try my hands over that


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