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Exercises support for raspberry pi k8s cluster

Oscmedgon Posts: 4
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Hi, I started recently with the course and Have a raspberry pi cluster hosting my Kubernetes, the problem I'm facing is that in the first section of the course some of the images used aren't built for arm CPU architectures.

The images in cuestion are nginx:1.11-alpine that is only available for amd64 image link and fluentd:latest tag image link.

Is this going to be a big barrier?, also thinking in the exam, because the only allowed domains are Kubernetes official docs and repository, is there possibility to be allowed to have a docker hub tab to find supported images or alternatives.


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @Oscmedgon,

    Unfortunately the labs have not been designed for, or tested on raspberry pi. In the past we had learners attempt the labs on raspberry pi, but things did not go as smooth. Mainly because the hardware did not support the tools and images used in the lab exercises.

    If your goal is to prepare for the exam on r-pi, I would recommend reading the candidate handbook for CKAD certification exam requirements before deciding on the learning environment. However, I am pretty sure that r-pi is not a supported cert exam environment.

    Also, there is a limited set of allowed websites you can use for reference during the exam.


  • Oscmedgon

    Hi Chris, sorry for taking soo long in responding.
    I finally decided to leave my raspberry pi cluster to my personal Kubernetes stuff, and instead use my windows 10 desktop computer with 3 virtual machines and an ubuntu wsl2 terminal to run the commands within the Kubernetes cluster, I wasn't expecting to use this computer but is the one with enough RAM (32 GB) and 8 cores 16 thread processor, this allows me to have 3 VM with 4GB of ram and 4 CPU threads each.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer, and again, really sorry for taking that long to respond.



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