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Greetings - I have used debian linux based distros for all my tasks since 2005. I started with *nix when I was administering a research lab network and WVU - particularly both Solaris and Irix (around 1995).

At the time I had Red Hat Linux installed at home and worked to reproduce everything I could do with Microsoft Windows with Red Hat Linux. It was a struggle at the time.

In my experience as an administrator, I've relied on Debian gnu/linux in the datacenter, or Proxmox VE, an enterprise hypervisor based on Debian.

I'm taking this course as part of the cloud engineer course bundle and I am eager to do the coursework using CentOS.

I am very interested in seeing how certification affects how potential employers see me. I gotten by without certification in linux, but I think I've gone as far as I can without having linux cert.

I look forward to learning from the forums and course-mates' posts.


  • luisviveropena

    Hi @rikgoldman , welcome to the forum!

    I see you joined the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp, so you are welcome to join the Office Hours whenever you want to :)



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