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foomatic-RIP for OS X 11.2 Big Sur?

toomanyhandles Posts: 1
edited February 2021 in Printers & Scanners

I am trying to get the ppd here working:

part of the description is: " It understands PCL-XL only if one sends the PJL command "ENTER LANGUAGE = DPL" before sending the actual PCL-XL job. This is implemented in the "pxldpl" driver which patches the output of Ghostscript's "pxlcolor" driver appropriately."

I've used this ppd along with Ghostscript and foomatic-RIP for a very long time, although not since something like OS X 10.6, and never on this Mac.

I am running OS X 11.2 now and have Ghostscript 9.53.3_1 installed, but I'm struggling re: foomatic-RIP for OS X 11.2.
I also saw that some of the Ghostscript release may have dropped some functionality and that may impact use of this old PPD?

Looking here: this looks like it is supported directly by Ghostscript now:

Any pointers? I can get the ppd (or ppd.gz, in /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources) to show up in the add printer dialog but choosing it tells me that the software has been installed incorrectly. It has been a while since I last set this up, I tried both .gz and a plain text of the ppd)

Thank you!


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