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Lab 4.5: Workaround-OOM #2 for SDC pod failures

Hi everyone,
Some SDC jobs are not completing and pods are stuck in Init:Error status.
I tried the workaround script increasing liveness probe counter as suggested but I still have the same problem.
Could anyone help me to move forward ?
Thanks in advance


  • Hi Farah,

    The issue is that we cannot pause or restart ONAP VMs. In Dublin a lot of components do not come up automatically when you restart VMs.

    We would recommend that you plan for running the VMs for 2 to 3 days to complete all the lab exercises.


  • Hi Farah,

    When you setup the Socks tunnel use FireFox browser proxy settings as shown below.

    Hope you have updated the /etc/hosts file with ONAP host names as per the documentation. Then try accessing the ONAP portal URL

    Update the /etc/hosts file in the jump host (gcloud instance)

    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP portal.api.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP sdc.api.fe.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP sdc.fe.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP vid.api.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP sdc.api.fe.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP portal-sdk.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP policy.api.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP aai.api.sparky.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP cli.api.simpledemo.onap.org
    ONAP-MASTER-INTERNAL/PRIVATEIP msb.api.discovery.simpledemo.onap.org

    Then try accessing the ONAP Portal from FireFox


    Hope this help you. Please follow the document to handle mixed contents as well.


  • Please verify the following

    • /etc/hosts on the ONAP master VM should have the internal IP of the GCP instance. Please DO NOT USE PUBLIC IP of the VM


  • Hi Farah,

    You can get the GCP VMs internal IP using the below gcloud CLI

    $ gcloud compute instances list

    Sample output

    anod-master RUNNING
    anod-worker-01 RUNNING
    anod-worker-02 RUNNING
    anod-worker-03 RUNNING
    anod-worker-04 RUNNING
    anod-worker-05 RUNNING
    anod-worker-06 RUNNING


  • Thanks a lot for your help!
    Finally it is working !!
    My mistake was using external IP address of the anod-master to update /etc/hosts instead of using internal IP address.
    Steps are a little bit confusing, so I am going to summarize steps to access the portal once this kind of error is encountered:

    For GCP users:
    -use the internal IP addrees of the anod-master as load balancer IP address to update /etc/hosts
    -for firefox: use the proxy configurations as proposed by vmuthukrishnan bellow
    -start the socks tunnel from your laptop using the following command


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