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Application Process

I think I didn't completely understand the application pending tasks here. I have uploaded the resume, cover letter and completed the LFD103 tasks. I have attached the completion certificate to the application process section.

I have attached the screenshot of my tasks list.

When WIll I receive the follow-up tasks? And what should be uploaded in the application process section?

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  • Also, I have previously worked on Eudyptula challenge tasks and I am using the same email address. Is that the reason for not getting the tasks? in that case, what should be done ?

  • We are in the process of getting you and others started on the next step. It depends how far you have gotten the last time in the Eudyptula challenge. We recommend continuing where you left off the last time.

  • I have completed 10 tasks successfully.

  • ShuahKhanLF
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    Keep going! Completing the entire challenge teaches the necessary skills for kernel development.

  • Sure. I will continue. But what about this application process ? How do I proceed now ?

  • Please continue the Eudyptula challenge. We will let you know once review all the applications.

  • Okay Sure. I just wanted to know about the application procedure. I don't want to miss the application contribution window.

  • You can start contributing to kernel based on the tips in the LFD103 closing section and start testing stable kernels. You can send patches to checkpatch fixes to staging area drivers. All of these contributions count towards your final application evaluation. The bottom line is if you are comfortable sending patches, do so.

  • Okay, thanks for the information.

    So, I will be working on my contribution patches. Can I go ahead and submit all the pending tasks then? Or Should I leave it as it is?
    How will be my application taken into consideration?

  • hey sandeshka, Can you tell me how you sent email attachements. I am using alpine and currently on task1 of challenge. I sent two files "hello.c" and "Makefile" as attachments. But got reply as my email is using base 64/mime attachments. Can you help me how to send those two files through alpine. Or should I change .c extension to .txt ?

  • If you completed LFD 103, you should know how to send patches. Please revisit LFD103 sections on sending patches.

  • Done. Sent my first task result from mutt.

  • @ShuahKhanLF, Following up on the mail received from Greg, I changed the status of "Resume", "Cover Letter", "Coding Challenge" to the submitted state. However, I am not sure what goes into the "Application Process".

    Could you please let me know, what document to be added to the "Application Process"?

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  • If a task requires uploading a document, it will prompt you. This task doesn't require any document to be uploaded.

  • If it doesn't let you get past, just upload a short text file saying what you did. That task asks for you to subscribe mailing list etc


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