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Newly Installed kernel is not working.

tanweerali908 Posts: 9

I was following < https://trainingportal.linuxfoundation.org/learn/course/a-beginners-guide-to-linux-kernel-development-lfd103/building-and-installing-your-first-kernel/building-and-installing-your-first-kernel?page=3 > , recompiled my kernel, and when restarted the new installed kernel is not working so I used old kernel which is running fine. And the dmesg file is also too long to read. How to move on from now?

I am using Ubuntu 18.04


  • I had a similar problem when installing custom kernels on Ubuntu. The method as mentioned in the course works fine for other distros (Debian, OpenSUSE, etc.) but not so much for Ubuntu. You can follow this to build and install kernels on Ubuntu.

  • Thanks It is working now

  • The procedure in the course should work on Ubuntu. It is possible you might have secure boot enabled in which case, you will need to disable it at startup using MOK manager. Please give me more details on problems you are running into, so I can update the course.

  • I got it. I was using wrong method to to load new kernels. Now everything good and clear. Thanks


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