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Lab 4.1 - Docker Logging

mahwish Posts: 19
edited January 2021 in LFD272 Class Forum

So I run

peer chaincode query -n simple_cc -C mychannel -c '{"Args":["get","k"]}' -o orderer.example.com:7050

But I don't get any errors. Why?

Then I try to see docker logs to see if the error message appears in there. To do this, I ran # docker logs MyContainerID

I see no output nor any error. Any help is appreciated.

Yes, my docker is up and running.


  • mahwish
    mahwish Posts: 19


    On the command line, I see docker is running. However, on Visual Studio Code it says, "Docker is not running".
    My questions are:
    1) Is this why my docker logs are not showing on the terminal?
    2) if docker run hello-world is running on a terminal, shouldn't this be enough to see the logs on the terminal?
    3) how to run docker on VS interface?
    4) would I have to run/start docker on both, every time I am working with Docker?
    5) does running docker on terminal not start docker on VM or VS? how are they different?


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