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Shifting Security Left in the DevOps Era

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In the world of cloud-native applications, innovation, and fast go-to-market plans, unicorn companies - such as Google, Netflix, and Amazon - are doing tens, hundreds, even thousands of container builds and deployments a day.

The traditional way of injecting security at the tail-end of the software development process has hindered releases and created adversarial relationships between the DevOps and the security teams, bringing your hard-earned agility to a halt.

Here is where SecDevOps comes in. SecDevOps offers a new security model by incorporating a security-based mindset into DevOps workflows, sharing security responsibility across all teams, and shifting visibility to the left.

In this webinar, you will learn:
The security drawbacks in the cloud-native space
The rise of SecDevOps
3 key elements to successfully shift your security left
How to create alignment between traditional Dev and Sec Team

Submit your attendance here: https://www.magalix.com/shifting-security-left-in-the-devops-era


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