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Where did my post go?


I posted an issue in the class forum two days ago (1/13/2021) looking to get some help on lab 10.3 as the kubernetes dashboard didn't deploy properly in my cluster. I got a message that the post needed to be reviewed before being accepted which, fine. It's the first post that I created. I don't know if it takes longer than two days for a post to be accepted but that seems like a long time to me. I've also gotten no notifications on what the status of that post is which has led me to posting this new discussion. Just trying to make sure I'm going through the proper channels to get support.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,909

    Your post was in the spam folder, but it showed that it was flagged by you, not by the system. That is the reason why we did not restore it sooner. It should now be visible in the forum, and will be answered by moderators.

  • TheFutonEng

    @fcioanca , thanks for your help! Obviously I have to be more careful, I clearly botched something there.


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