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Debian 10 vs Debian 8 performance

zctee Posts: 1
edited January 2021 in Debian

Dear all,
Recently we are trying to update our system from Debian8 to Debian10, and then found out that the performance of the Debian10 seems like not as good as Debian 8.
For example, we tried to open mplayer at both Debian8 and Debian10. At Debian 8, it tooks around 1 second to open the player, but at Debian 10 it tooks around 4 seconds.
We done some debugging by strace at both OS. Found out that for Debian10, it seek and read the library files multiple time at the same location. Not sure why this is happening.
Attach the log from strace for both Debian8 and Debian10.

Is there any reason why Debian10 is behaving such way? Any way i can boost up the performance of the Debian10?

strace for Debian 8 loading

strace for Debian 10 loading


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