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Hello everybody,

My name is Patrick Mischler. I work with ITConcepts Professional GmbH Switzerland as a software consultant mainly for BMC TrueSight and BMC Helix Monitoring. I have almost 18 years experience in infrastructure and application monitoring. In my career I have worked in different projects, mainly to build TrueSigh environments. I was also in a project to build an Icinga2 environment. As cloud infrastructures and services are now the main focus in the industry, I want to add Prometheus to knowledge portfolio. Although I have already integrated alerts (events) from Prometheus into TrueSight, I have not so much experience with it. This is why I take this course.
I hope to learn how to use Prometheus effectively and what its capabilities are. This will give me a better understanding how it works. And maybe I will consult for Prometheus along side BMC TrueSight/Helix Monitoring.

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