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Can't login into the CentOS VM


Hello everybody and Happy New Year:

Sorry to bother but I'm struggling to set up the virtual network as per the 'Exercise 2.1 Installing and Running Virtual Machines'.

Thought the password was the same as the one to acces the rosources of the course but ... No, it won't let me login into the CentOS VM ...

Can anybody help me?

Also I don't have understood how to set up the network parameters on the two machines, I mean I think I should add a new private network (and a second NIC) but can't figure out which settings to give it ...

Thank you for your support!



  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Hi Paolo,
    Please confirm you have a system running two copies of the VM downloaded from The LinuxFoundation.
    The user is student and the password is also student.

    Creating the second network will be different depending on which hypervisor you are using. This configuration has been tested on Oracle VirtualBox , VMware Woekstation and Viewer as well as KVM. Which hypervisor are you using?
    Yws, you will be adding a second NIC to VM's once the network is created.

    Regards Lee


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