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Lab 8.2: Parameters for ns_deploy.sh

Hi Team,

concerning Lab 8.2 ("Network Service Deployment using REST API")
could you please provide information with regards to the parameters in the ns_deploy.sh script?

Quoting from the lab instructions
"Run the script:
./ns_deploy.sh --service_name=< SERVICE MODEL > --id=< INSTANCE ID> --project_name=< PROJECT NAME> --cloud_owner=< CLOUD OWNER>"

Unfortunately, the parameters are not explained. While the first one is self-explanatory, for me it is not unambiguously clear what the others could represent. I have spent hours now to try to figure this out and I have tried many different varieties, but it gets frustrating so I'd appreciate to hear from the team.

  • id: which of the many many IDs in this lab is actually meant, and where can I find this one?
  • project name: We have used a project code to deploy a service via VID ("Prj00") - this doesn't work, but "Demonstation" works. Could you please confirm this is correct?
  • cloud owner: Also unclear - I am using "CloudOwner", which seems to be accepted - could you please confirm this is correct?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Kind regards


  • Hi Roberto,

    Here is the argument values that you should pass to this script. Hope this one helps you.

    = SDC Service Name that you created. This is the same service you should have distributed it from SDC as a operator.

    = Some random suffix for the instance ( You can use 00. And you should change this suffix index if you execute this script more than once.)

    = Demonstration # This one is default value

    = CloudOwner # This one is default value

    Hope this helps you.


  • Hi Vivek,

    thank you.
    This is what I had reverse engineered after a while.

    Suggestion would be to add this info to the lab documentation, I'll surely not be the only one spending excessive time on that one.



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