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Lab 8.1: VF Module creation gets stuck in "Assigned" status

Hi Team,

in Lab 8.1 ("Network Service Deployment using VID GUI"). the students are supposed to deploy a network service using VID.

After selecting the service model, deploying the service, creating a VNF via "add node", which all works fine, I am stuck at step 6 - Create vFW_SINC_VNF Module.

After running the preload scripts, I am following the instructions to create a VF Module via the GUI.
This operation then times out, and the VF Modules are added, but remain in status "Assigned" and never moves on to "Active".

I cannot see the instances in Openstack (Project -> Stack), which I assume has to do with them not being created.

Could you please help out here? I cannot move on .

Thanks, kind regards



  • ramagp
    ramagp Posts: 2

    Hi Roberto,

    Looks like VF module has not been created its in resume state.
    Can you please try deleting the VF module by clicking on delete button (X) then retry the same steps SDNC preload then Add VF-Module once again and check.


  • Hi Rama,

    thanks for your suggestion.
    Here's another thing that has me a little bit frustrated: Neither the "delete", nor the "resume", nor the "deactivate" button for the service work.
    If you click on them, it simply does nothing.

    What I have done though, is I tried recreating another service based on the instructions, as you suggest, and this always leads to the same results.
    I cannot get any VF Module activated.

    Do you have another hint, is there another way of resuming the VF Module creation?


    p.s. Basically, in this ONAP distro, designing, creating, distributing services work, but after that almost all exercises fail, so this course has no practical, lab learning value concerning network service orchestration and LCM!

  • ramagp
    ramagp Posts: 2

    Hi Roberto,

    By any chance was there any SDNC preload failure before running add VF-Module? can you please provide us Error report details from VID while adding VF module ?


  • Hi Rama,

    thanks for getting back to me.
    SDN-C preload looked good on the REST output side, however there was an error parsing an sed command.
    That happened regularly, by the way, basically each time I ran the SDN-C preload script.

    Here's a sample:

    ---shell output
    aarna@anod-master:~/onap-custom/util-scripts$ ./preload_vfw_sinc_b.sh ffc58e4a-e196-4903-9f12-8b26c4a2001e vFW_SINC_Module vFW_SINC_VNF /home/aarna/aarna.pem dev 30235
    SDNC Port = 8282 SDNC-0 IP =
    sed: -e expression #1, char 48: unterminated `s' command
    Going to preload JSON file ./templates/TEMP_/vfw_sinc_post_in.json for service UUID ./templates/TEMP_/vfw_sinc_post_in.json
    "output": {
    "ack-final-indicator": "Y",
    "response-code": "200",
    "svc-request-id": "robot12"

  • Hi Roberto,

    I guess including the vFW SINC Model Name will resolve the sed error. Can you please try the following and let me know how it goes.

    Can u please execute the command with base -x and share the output and the JSON file (./templates/TEMP_/vfw_sinc_post_in.json for service UUID ./templates/TEMP_/vfw_sinc_post_in.json) for further analysis.

    $ bash -x ./preload_vfw_sinc_b.sh ffc58e4a-e196-4903-9f12-8b26c4a2001e vFW_SINC_Module vFW_SINC_VNF /home/aarna/aarna.pem dev 30235 VfwSinc..base_vfw..module-0



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