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Connecting to specific ISP on switch


The setup is a single computer connected to a 24 port self-managed switch, the switch has 2 LTE routers attached to it with different LAN IP addresses ( and

I am running a virtual box (oracle) on windows 10 with 2 virtual machines running Puppy Linux(64 bit) (identical setups), I would like to connect one VM to one LTE router, and the other to the opposite. I plan on running an automated program to take internet speed tests at intervals and save them to a table for reference later.

I am having a hard time figuring out how to connect one VM to one LAN IP exclusively so I can run speed tests on both pieces of hardware at the same time on the same computer. (less than 25mbps per LTE router internet speeds for those who are wondering).

The specifics of the testing I cannot get into, but I am trying to figure out how to connect multiple VM to specific LAN IP so I can eventually run 8 vm with puppy linux connected to 8 LTE routers.

The purpose of puppy linux is size and system resource usage, I wanted a GUI as well for user friendliness over a terminal. Not worried about security or anything other than the question at hand.

NOTE: I have tried ifconfig eth0 for one VM and this did not help on its own. I am very VERY new to linux.

Thanks in advance!!!



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