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4mm page drift with Samsung CLP-315


Hi, I have a weird printing problem with a Samsung CLP-315 printer.

When a multi-page doc is printed (or even a single page doc, multiple times in the same job), each page is printed shifted 4mm to the right, compared to the page before - so the left margin gets bigger on each page - 10 pages in, it's moved across 40mm and disappearing off the right hand side! This is from Linux Mint (tried the printer on a Windows machine and it's fine there). Happens from any app, so it looks like a printer driver/subsystem problem/bug.

Anyone got any ideas what it might be? Quite happy to get my "hands dirty" digging inside stuff - just tell me what debug to switch on, logs to look at etc - happily supply versions numbers, driver details if that's needed - but initially hoping someone will recognise the problem and offer up a 30 second - "oh that's such-and-such, do this..." sort of thing. (An internet search hasn't thrown up any possibilities though.)



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