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curl to Service Cluster IP doesn't work in GCP


No clear answer in the forum


  • cashok08

    curl doesn't work from Master Node to Worker Pod via Service IP and Port

  • chrispokorni

    Hi @cashok08,

    There are several discussions in the forum on the same topic - where curl did not behave as expected, according to the outputs presented in the lab guide.

    In order to be able to troubleshoot the issue, providing details about your GCP setup would help reveal what the problem may be. There is no simple solution to a curl command not working. There are several aspects of your cloud infrastructure that may have been misconfigured prior to bootstrapping the Kubernetes cluster on GCP, or the cluster configuration steps that may have been overlooked in the process. Since Kubernetes is a distributed system, typical issues are related to networking - either the VPC, one or multiple firewall rules associated with the VPC, and/or the guest OS firewalls. In addition, the cluster configuration during the init and join phases may adversely impact your curl commands.

    In the Overview section of Lab Exercise 3.1 there is a URL for the LFS258 resources, where you may find video tutorials to properly setup cloud environments for the lab exercises of this course. Please revisit those videos and the installation steps.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    @cashok08 The setup video tutorials are also available directly in the course in chapter 1.

  • cashok08

    thanks @chrispokorni and @fcioanca . I was able to address the issue by changing the VPC Firewall rules as stated in the the lab setup videos


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