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pod to pod communication

Hello, I cannot communicate with the worker node from the master node and vice versa? This might be my problem. How should the ip be in the calico file? I have the ip address that is how I left it, I had it with my master node ip and it still would not work. I cant communicate between the pods and I am not sure which ip address i should use. The node ip, docker ip, public ip. I cant ping and it crashes when I try to use kubeadm upgrade node

[upgrade] Reading configuration from the cluster...
[upgrade] FYI: You can look at this config file with 'kubectl -n kube-system get cm kubeadm-config -oyaml'
unable to fetch the kubeadm-config ConfigMap: failed to get config map: Get "https://k8smaster:6443/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/configmaps/kubeadm-config?timeout=10s": dial tcp connect: no route to host
To see the stack trace of this error execute with --v=5 or highe

I think this is the reason certain things cant be found, I can't ping the master or worker. no route to host. I will try that is what i have my instances in gce set for.


  • Hi @dctheroux,

    As long as the Pod network IP range does not overlap your nodes IP range, it should be ok. The default IP subnet of Calico does not seem to overlap your node IP addresses, so there is no conflict and no need to change anything.

    I would also revisit the VPC and the Firewall rules in GCE, and make sure that there is a rule that allows traffic from all sources, to all port destinations, all protocols. Or create a custom VPC with a Firewall rule that allows all traffic and then provision your GCE instances in it.



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