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Looking for some general information


I may consider a Blockchain administration class in the near future, but I would like to know, what background is required?
Do you need a thorough knowledge of container technologies? Database administration? Cloud infrastructure?


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    Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. As listed in the beginning section of the course:

    To best benefit from this course, the student should have:

    • Basic familiarity with blockchain technology (as a concept). Hence, going over the free edX primer Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies is recommended.
    • Basic familiarity with Hyperledger Fabric. The introductory section under the Fabric documentation is certainly worth a read.
    • Knowledge of basic Linux system administration commands and navigation.
      *Familiarity with the bash command line/shell of a Linux operating system.
      *Strong knowledge of containerization and Docker and related tools such as docker-compose.
      *Familiarity with NoSQL databases and general understanding of CouchDB.
      *Ability to read JavaScript, TypeScript, and Go programming languages.
      *Familiarity with YAML. YAML is a key configuration language that we use throughout Hyperledger Fabric. Numerous simple configuration issues/startup issues arise due to improper use of YAML grammar and formatting. Things like spacing are simple "need-to-know" capabilities in order to be successful.

    Hope this helps.
    Bobbi Muscara


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