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My choice of Operating System is CentOS and have recently learned that it is going to be end of life for CentOS 8 in the next 2-3 years, not forgetting it was only released this year. A quick Google should explain what is going in.

What is the Linux Foundation stance here? If CentOS is going to be trashed (or changed into a buffer for RHEL) what does this mean for our certifications? I for one will be using CentOS 7 for my certification but this will obviously change, I'm guessing.

What is the roadmap here? If any?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    For most purposes CentOS 8 Stream is just fine and I expect the exams will move there instead of CentOS 8.
    For now you can use either just as well AFAIK for all LF courses -- there are no reports of problems (yet). C8 will be phased out the end of 2021 (exactly a year from now) not 2-3 years. So I would not worry.

    Keep in mind that to my understanding, the certification is on LFCS, not LFCS on RHEL or CentOS or Ubuntu etc. This is unlike Red Hat certifications which are understandably on their own product.

    Personally I don't expect C8-Stream to be any more unstable than C8 and since it will get updates earlier etc I would expect it to be stronger. But time will tell. It's been up for a year and noone is screaming.

  • youdsmedia

    OK - thanks.


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