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Outdated video


Hello. I just created my Cloud account and started watching the first video for the lfd259 course The video does not match what I see on the screen on the different web pages. I created the Google Cloud account and the first project but I was not able to create the firewall rules. What I see on the screen is completely different to what is shown on the video. Does anyone have the same issue? I cannot move on. Thank you.


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @jadiaz,

    Thank you for your feedback. The Cloud and most related technologies today are evolving and continuously changing at a much faster pace than in the past. That means that keeping up with them is quite a challenging task, and that includes the intro videos you found in this course.

    The constant change means updated look and feel of dashboards, new features, improved behaviors, etc. However, concepts and major topics do not necessarily change that often.

    On the Google Cloud Platform, VPC Networks and Firewalls are still related services, so you will find them both under the Networking section of the services Navigation Menu accessible from the top-left corner icon of the Dashboard. The top-center Search bar is also very helpful to find services that may otherwise be located by navigating through top level Navigation menu items and then through some of the sub-menus, which often open to the side of the top level items.

    Hope this helps to find the resources you need in order to proceed with the lab environment setup.



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