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LFCE new attempt


I didn't pass LFCE exam due to time and instability of internet connection to exam terminal. I wanna have new attempt as I was a bout to pass but unfortunately 15 minutes are gone ( where I was able to solve two more tasks to pass ) till the connection back.
I wonder how can I sit for new attempt and what's the cost if I wanna doing so, if anyone had passed thru same situation can share his experience thankfully in this regards,

thank you


  • aimcorp
    aimcorp Posts: 17

    There were some technical glitches during my 2nd attempt at LFCS. No internet issues, I'm afraid. Just some weird things going on in the exam environment.

    I kindly asked the proctor to have a look on their end and pause the timer, but was having trouble getting through to him and all the proctor was doing was resetting the environment. This did not clear things, though, so we ended up losing some time on this alone.

    After the exam had ended, I opened a support case and reported the issues I encountered.

    Fortunately, I passed the exam, but I did get confirmation some weeks later that the platform was indeed having issues at the time and that they were sorry for the issues.

    I hope this helps.


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