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When the courses content will update to Node 14?



  • davidmarkclements

    hey @pkes

    By design, both are compatible and will continue to be until at least October 2021.

    Here's an in-depth explanation of why:

    The main change for Node 14 is that it supports EcmaScript Modules (esm). After consulting with industry experts about where the industry itself is at with regard to usage of esm the conclusion was the industry won't be adopting esm (not to be confused with what's now called "faux-models" - e.g. transpiled esm-like syntax) for some considerable time.

    The examination supports esm but is not framed by it. We still use cjs (the first module system), with an opt-in to esm if desired by the candidate. Both sets of training are also written with this view: esm is possible but not the dominant narrative right now.

    Since we are jumping from Node 10 (Maintenance LTS) to Node 14 (Active LTS) we will not need to update the exam to a new Node version until October 2021. At this point we will also reassess the training in-line with the direction of the exam. These updates will likely be more connected to industry trends than to major technical alterations.

    Over the next year, we will continue to monitor the esm industry trend in particular, and then update both the exam and the training in light of that.


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