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Do I need to know both Express and Fastify to pass the exam?



  • No, it is not necessary. You can take the exam and not use fastify or express but that would be crazy. You can use one or the other. I recommend that you do not get lost to study them. With fastify or Express you can finish the exam faster than start creating everything from scratch.

  • Good response @canelacho - I agree entirely.

  • is it possible to just focus on express and completely skip fastify while using study guide?

  • @dilipagheda, I believe chapters 7, aggregating, and 8, proxying, are only taught with Fastify.

  • @gregsheppard I see. thank u. i am only at initial chapters at the moment. i thought to use express as i am already familiar with it. but i digged into fastify littlebit yesterday so now decided to use fastify instead for the exam.

  • @dilipagheda the exam is agnostic, the reason we showcase both express and fastify is to sort of emphasise this point - that it doesn't matter which you use. The focus on fastify towards the end is because some things are just easier to implement and explain with fastify. If you wanted to go all-in on express for the exam, it would be a good idea to understand the concepts and then try to complete the later chapters exercises with express


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