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Failed to Perform Blobstore Operation After Three Retries


Hi, I completed the course and deleted all apps, services and routes in order to start over. I am trying to push the rest-data-service.jar app but now I'm getting a "Failed to Perform Blobstore Operation After Three Retries" error. This was not happening before (I was able to push apps). I get the same error whether I'm pushing the app using a path, manifest, or any other way. I found an article online (https://community.pivotal.io/s/article/CF-push-Failed-to-perform-blobstore-operation-after-three-retries-for-large-application-when-using-GCS-Storage-Account?language=en_US) that says the solution is to switch to using "External Google Cloud Storage with Access Key and Secret Key" but I am unsure of what changes I need to make, and where I need to make these changes. Has anybody ran into this issue lately?


  • spgreenberg

    You should not need to make any changes. Can you double-check you are providing the correct path only to the jar file (rest-data-service.jar)? I suspect you are, but want to be sure.

    This sounds like an issue with the CF provider you are using. What provider are you using?

  • gbarila

    Path is correct. I reached out to the administrator and it seems to be some issue with credentials. They're looking into it.
    Thank you!


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